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No.5 Making Soba

You can learn how to make soba noodle in the wine restaurant. The instructor is the master of this restaurant located into Kitasenju, downtown of Tokyo. The master will cook Soba which you make in this class and you can taste them with 2glasses of red wine or white wine. You can feel the marriage of wines and Soba.You can take extra soba which you make for souvenir, and you can eat them at your hotel or home for breakfast or lunch. In this restaurant, there is several instruments of classic music. You may talk about classic music, wine and cheese, and you may be able to play the instruments like piano, cello, and flute.


Instructor : Shigeru Ikeda

He is an owner of the restaurant, Vino Flute. He has the licenses as J.S.A Senior sommelier, C.W.A Master of Wine & Cheese, D.E.A. Der Höhere Deutsehe Wein kenner, etc. He is also interested in classic music and he can play the flute, cello, and so on.

Duration : Approximate 3hours
Schedule : For dinner time from 2p.m.
Price : 9,600yen person excluded fare
Planning Date for next workshop :The 3rd Sunday of every month
Place:Kitasenju, Tokyo
Language:English, French, Japanese

<Condition for opening the workshop>
Numbers of participants should be at least 4 persons/class, but 5persons or less in a class.

<Method of Reservation>
We receive the request of reservation by e-mail till 2 weeks before the planning date. If number of participant does not reach to the opening condition by the date, we will decide not to open the workshop and inform that to all people who sent us the request of the reservation. If number of participant reach to the opening condition by 2 weeks before the planning date, we inform that, the place of workshop and details of how to pay for that to all the people who sent us the request of the reservation. Payment should be completed by one week before the planning date. After we confirm the payment, the reservation is completed.
Payment method
PayPal in advance for the customers who live overseas. Remittance in advance who live in Japan.
Cancellation Charges
2 days before 50% | Previous day 70% | On the program day 100%