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2/3 – The outdoor Antique Market in Tomioka Hachiman shrine

This time, I inform you the outdoor antique market in Tomioka Hachiman shrine
which takes place every first, second, and forth Sunday.

A lot of booths were strung from the entrance to the exit. On that day, there were lots of people from children to elder ones influenced from the traditional rite of passage, Shichi-Go-San. However, in November, it is only November 30(the fifth Sunday, specially) to be held due to the ceremony of Shichi-Go-San.
Shichi-Go-San means the festival for three-and seven-year-old girls and three-and five-year-old boys that we celebrate the growth and wellbeing of young children.
There are such interesting shops which sell Bonsai, Japanese former toys, the pictures of Japanese pop idols, accessories, Kimono, goods related to Sumo, furniture, and so on, so we can enjoy so much to look around.

I had an impression that there were many foreigners. At the boost where I looked, the French couple bought 4 pieces of wooden molds with some shapes of animals. I wonder if they make cakes or cookies to use them. It was funny that the shopkeeper had good communication with the couple to use a few words of French just like Merci, Oui, and Au revoir. I think that it is very important to communicate with foreign people even though we cannot speak their native language. It is sure that the act makes each one peaceful feeling. I bought 2 green tea cups at same shop whose shopkeeper talked with French couple.

It was just 500yen/one piece! How nice shopping I had! One cup has cute coral red color, which is my favorite. Another one has a print of Ema. Ema are small wooden plaques on which the visitors of shrines write their wishes or prayers.
I would like to entertain my guests of Atelier Naoko(workshop) to serve a cup of green tea with those cups.

While I looked around each shop, I met “Mikocchi” who is mascot character of Tomioka Hachiman shrine. She wears the costume of Miko, a maiden in the service of a Shinto shrine and her face is just like a heroin of animation.I think this Mikocchi is one of Yuru-chara which are very popular in Japan. Who knows that Mikocchi will get popular like Kuma-mon? Yuru-chara is one of Japanese modern culture. I would like to pick up Yuru-chara of Tokyo as a future theme.

For next number, I will introduce you "ZAZEN" experience in Korin temple.