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① – Tsukuda

Hello, again, I am Naoko who is an editor in chief of "NAOKO AU JAPON". 
 I would like to show you Tsukishima area. This city is familier with Japanese Manga,  " March Comes in Like a Lion" by Chica Umino. This time, I introduce you Tsukuda street in Tsukishima. Tsukuda street was built by fishermen moved from Osaka in 1612. 

Tsukuda is so attractive, since Japanese traditional style houses and highrise condominiums are mixed in good mood. We can see a lot of alleies from place to place, and we are soften by those scenes. There are many greens and this street is so quiet. When Tsukuda was moved from Osaka,  Sumiyoshi shrine was also moved from the villege of Osaka. We can understand how the shrines were  important in their life for the Japanese people at that time.  On the way to Sumiyoshi shrine, we pass the red colored small bridge. The name is " Tsukuda Kobashi". I think that the landscape of high-rise condominiums is in good harmony with the fishing boats,  seeing from this brige. Under the signboard in the small river beside this red colored bridge, the poles for the big flag which the Tokugawa shogunate accepted to buid were buried. Every 3 years, in the summer festival, the poles are digged up.  Passing through the shrine, we can see the portable shrine which is used for the summer festival through the window of storage and we can also see the shops of Tsukudani, small seafood, meat or seaweed continued since Edo period. Do you remember " Babel " which is American- Mexican- French drama film by Alejandro Gonzalez in 2006?  Main actor is Brad Pitt. The condominium which you can see behind Sumiyoshi shrine was used for the domicile of the father and daughter in Tokyo, whom were played by Koji Yakusho and Rinko Kikuchi.   

In Tsukuda, there is a park which we can look over Sumida river. In spring time, it is good place for flower viewing since the park is surrounded with cherry blossom trees. In this park, there is unique public restroom. This looks like traditional watchtower. This is a monument of lighthouse which was built there for safty ship in 1866. In Hanami season, a lot of people wait in a long queue in front of this monument. Many habitants of this area use this park for jogging, walking the dogs, picnic , and so on, all year around. I think the atomosphere of the skyscrapers and Chuo-Ohashi, bridge is like one of Brooklyn of NY. This area is often used for shooting movies and dramas. Tsukuda street (1 cho-me) was recognized by Intenational Conference of Acuapolises for building good enviroment of waterfront. 

There is Ishikawajima museum of the 1st floor of the skyscraper which is opened on Wednsday and Saturday. The old Ishikawajima area, located in Tsukuda is the birthplace of the modern shipbuilding industry. We can see the history of the dockyard of Ishikawajima which was built by the fief of Mito in 1853.

We can see Tokyo sky tree when we walk along the Sumida river to the Chuo-Ohashi. Passing through the park, there is a plaza. The name is Paris plaza. It was buit on October in 1999. There is a memorial monument for opening.
See you soon in the next number.