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① Tsukishima Nagaya School 

Hello, again. I am a editor of "NAOKO AU JAPON". The end of May, I participated in "Tsukishima alley tour"  of Tsukishima Nagaya school which Dr. Hideaki Shimura, professor of Shibaura Institute of Technology organizes.Thanks to it, I could discover many attractive points of Tsukishima.

Turning right of the corner of 4th shopping arcade of Monja street, there is a Tsukishima Nagaya school. This nagaya was originally constructed in 1926 and this was house partitioned into two units, then it was reconstructed. The 1st floor of Nagaya school is used for the seminar of the university students of Shibaura Institute of Technology and also used for the society and community of the residents of Tsukishima. This time, there are approximate more than 15 participants, and it was the group tour including TV reporters. Dr.Shimura who made Tsukishima alley map in Japanese and English was the tour leader. In this tour, there was a main event to drink delicious beer at the old combined liquor store and bar. So we walked heading for the bar. I was so surprised to see that there were much more alleys than the limit of my knowledge. In the alleys, there were a lot of good and charming restaurants and shops where I didn't know. The liquor and bar which we headed for was closed a business suddenly. What a shocked reality! Though we decided to head for 2nd bar(Izakaya), it was full and not possible to enter. We were putting our last hope on 3rd Izakaya. But the 3rd one was also full and we decided to disband there. It was so unlucky! I really wanted to drink together with other participants. This tour was really nice for me, since I found good BBQ restaurant, Oyster bar, and cool cafe.

In both sides of alley, each house decorates with plant pots. It is admirable that each house takes care of the gardens and plant pots well. According to Dr. Shimura, the parliament of Chuo-ku protects the alleys, and the residents cannnot spread the width of alley.
This time, I couldn't enter the old Izakaya in the alley. Maybe next time.  

I could meet the famous elephant tortoise whose name is "Pon-chan". He is often reported in the mass media. He was sleeping comfortably. 
See you soon for the next number.